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SMS loans for the holidays are a bad idea even if you borrow for free

I read a blog post today on another site about SMS loans where they suggested that you could take a free SMS loan to pay the intended holiday. This would be financially smart.

They wrote that it was probably difficult to borrow SEK 10,000 which would be required for the entire trip, but SEK 4 – 6,000 could go to borrow for free. This would then cover the trip to sunny latitudes then you had to use other money to pay everything else during the trip.

And yes you can definitely borrow those amounts for free

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If you are a new customer with the companies. They reasoned that it would be better to live a little in a month after the trip and pay back the money later when the salary comes. This would then be better than buying the trip through some expensive installment plan.

Of course it is true and if you have no problem paying back the loan when the salary comes then it could be an idea compared to the installment. But the thing is that you should never buy a trip on any expensive installment so if you do not have the money you should not travel but be content with the Swedish sun.

Then it is probably quite common that people who come home from the holiday do not have fat directly in the account. Money has a tendency to fly away when you are traveling, which means that the following month can be quite tough and if you then have to repay a loan it can also be a problem.


Why Lenders Offer Free Loans

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One thing to keep in mind is why lenders offer their customers to take out a free loan the first time they become customers. It is not straightforward that they do this to be kind to the borrowers, but they obviously expect to profit from this.

The idea is that you will then come back to them as a customer and then pay money to borrow. Certainly if you are disciplined you avoid automatically borrowing where you have previously borrowed, but many do not act in this way, which means that the lenders profit from lending money for free.

This is another reason not to borrow money unnecessarily and you should actually see SMS loans for a holiday as an unnecessary loan. Swedish summer is often nice if you ignore a few days when it rains (which can be nice sometimes too) so enjoy here instead of traveling away if you have not saved money. If you have saved money, it is a whole other thing.

Our attitude to SMS loans

We have here on the site advertising about SMS loans there is no doubt and we do not consider that wrong. What we are trying to do is always write about this type of loan correctly. This means that we do not hint that it can be an expensive loan to take. Then we believe that it is up to the individual to make a decision whether or not it is the right loan. Our goal is to provide as much information as we can to facilitate a decision.

To think about taking SMS loans then for holiday trips we consider a bad tip and that is why we do not. This regardless of whether the loan itself is free or not.

If at any point we have information that is doubtful, please contact us and tell us. There is a lot of text here on the site which means that mistakes can definitely have occurred. But we are happy to fix these until then.


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